Duvoisin / Duvoisin 3 Volt

Duvoisin 2&3 Band Preamps

Duvoisin 2 Band Preamp

We always associate the Duvoisin Active pickups to a Duvoisin 2 or 3 band 3 volt preamp. The illustration shows you where to find which control knob on our Napoleon Bass. Please note that there is no passive switch on this preamp, as the low voltage reduces unwanted noise considerably, making a passive switch simply superfluous.

Please note that this preamp is the only one (in our offering) that allows you to choose and fine tune your medium frequency freely. The parametric selector allows you to cover a spectrum going from 250 to 830 Hz.


  1. A Duvoisin preamp will only work with Duvoisin pickups and vice versa.
  2. Never connect a 9 volt battery to the preamp, as it will induce irreparable damage. The preamp only needs a 3 volt supply (2 x AA batteries).
Duvoisin 3 Band Preamp