Website Updates

Website Update


During these tough times, we have seized the opportunity to refresh and update the Cortex Bass website with the following features:

The “Wall of Bass”, is to find in our “Shop” section and showcases all the basses we have produced, whether available for sale or already sold. By clicking on the bass of your choice, you are lead to a detailed presentation of your chosen one.

All basses available for sale now have a PayPal checkout, under the description allowing you to purchase the instrument in the following way:

  • Residents of the European Union are indicated a price including the VAT, and they have the choice to insure the shipment. Shipment costs are complimentary in the EU.
  • Residents of Switzerland are indicated a price excluding VAT and custom duties, but they can choose to insure the shipment. Shipments costs for Switzerland are also complimentary.
  • Residents of the USA are indicated a price excluding local sales tax and custom duties. The price includes shipment costs and gives the client the choice of insuring the shipment or not.
  • Finally for the rest of the world, the same rules apply than for the US residents… There is so much you can offer with a PayPal button, so if you live not so far from France, just drop us an e-mail and we will calculate adapted shipment costs for you.

For those who have the patience to wait… we have published our pricing model, allowing you to customize your bass. We generally need 1 to 3 months to fulfill your dream…!

Of course, you can find all this in English, French and German… just use the language switcher on the top right hand corner of our website.

In our footer, you will also find updated General Terms and Conditions, as well as an updated Privacy Policy.

We thank you for following our work in which we take great pride, and hope that you will stay safe and keep playing.

Pierre Camilleri – 19.05.2020