Build of a Napoleon Deluxe Fretless 4, Cocobolo Top, Macassar Fret Board, Walnut Body & Neck

The Napoleon is Cortex Bass’ first “Axe”, the one that started it all. The contreversial tip, bolt-on neck, one- or three-layer body build, equipped with two soapbars assisted by a passive and/or active electronics.

… and of course… inverted tuners leaving more length to lower strings after the nut.

We have shown with time, that a few models have emerged as “Classics”, as our 6-string fretless “The Axiom” or the Basso Voce, whereas Standard and Deluxe Napoleons have been shown in a great number of different finishes. We can even say, that until today, we have never built twice the same Napoleon, with the exception of the Basso Voce.

The Napoleon is available in 4, 5 & 6 Strings, fretted or fretless.

We do also make custom orders, so you are welcome to discuss any wishes with us directly, just call us or send us an e-mail


Build of a Ganesha 5, Flame Claro Walnut Top & Bottom, Birdseye Maple Fret Board, Swamp Ash Body & Flame Maple Neck

The Ganesha is Cortex’s take on the single cut. The build is a triple layer wood sandwich including a top and a bottom. Ganesha is equipped with a headless tuning system, but still enjoys a tilted headstock equipped with very light string blockers. These follow the philosophy of our inverted tuners, leaving more room after the nut for the lower strings to oscillate as freely as possible.

The set of options will be slightly wider with the Ganesha, such as 32″ or 34″ scale, block or oval inlays. Trussrod, Electronics and battery cavity access will not need any tool anymore. Due to it’s construction, Ganesha allows you to considerably lighten the load, without any compromise on sound.

The electronics offer a real alternative to the Napoleon Bass, favouring the P-Bass type pickups, either alone or in cunjonction with a switchable Stingray / Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup. The layout and legibility of the control knobs is also new. Fatter control knobs, on the side for Volume and Blend, slimmer and in line for the 3 band correction.

Ganesha is available in 4, 5 & 6 strings fretted. Fretless options will come at a later stage. All other options can be discussed with the custom shop.