Ganesha Bass

Ganesha Bass

Let us introduce you to the specificities of our “Ganesha” bass, which we designed and developed to suit all players, from the beginner to the seasoned professional.

It is offered in one fretted version, the Deluxe, in 4, 5 and 6 strings. A fretless version is on the way.

The Deluxe

Napoleon Deluxe 5 (Face) - Curly Redwood
Napoleon Deluxe 5 - Curly Redwood
  • Triple wood layer sandwich
    • Single or double-piece (bookmatched to centre) precious wood top,
    • Body
    • Single or double-piece (bookmatched to centre) precious wood rear-top
  • Matching headstock plate to body top, optionally, the bass can be headless.
  • Chocolate or caramel flame Maple neck wood, alternatively Walnut or Mahogany
    • Optionally Padouk, Zebrano, Wenge, Purpleheart or Quilt Maple
  • Active electronics. Our offer is the following:
    • Glockenklang 2 or 3 band,
    • Noll 2 or 3 band
  • Pickups. Our offer is the following:
    • Delano PC HE/M2 stand alone, or in combination with MC HE/M2
    • Delano PC AL, PMVC AL/M2 or PMVC FE/M2 in combination with the Jay-Ray, MC AL, MC AL/V4 or MC FE
    • In short you can set up your Ganesha as a P-Bass® (inverted or not), or in combination with a bridge pickup offering you Stingray® type pickup(s) or Jazz-Bass® type pickups… or both, the whole provided by Delano.


– The Front –

Napoleon Deluxe 6 - Apple Top (Shade)
Inverted Tuners

A Headstock with no tuners, the Inverted String Blockers are the first thing you can spot on this bass. Why? Simply because giving the low B string some slack after the nut gives it de facto a longer scale.

The TRUSS ROD is dual-action, and accessible through a wheel positioned under the 24th fret. No screwdrivers, just a roll pin punch tool and you can start adjusting.


The PICKUP is either a Delano PC-Series, alone, or in combination with the Jay-Ray. The combination allows you to cross multiple iconic bass universes of sound.

Napoleon Deluxe 6 - Apple Top (Shade)
Dot Inlays

Rectangle or Oval INLAYS have now become an option for Ganesha Basses.

One string, one BRIDGE, ABM 3901, optionally complemented by a diffuser encased inside the body of the bass, it drives the sound from its very heart, enhancing considerably its sustain. String spacing at the bridge is: 19mm (0.74inches) for 4 string, 18mm (0.71inches) for 5 & 6 string.

Cortex Bass’ take on the single cut. We hope You like it.


All basses are equipped with ABM 7011 String Blockers.

– The Back –

Napoleon Deluxe 5 - Walnut/Padouk
Serial Number

Each bass is unique and bear its own ID NUMBER. This number has a meaning and is unique to each Ganesha Bass. You can find it in the Electronics Cavity.


We propose the following, or whatever floats your boat… The novelty is that no screwdriver is needed to open the cavity…

GLOCKENKLANG, 2 or 3 band active preamp w/passive switch (+6db)

NOLL 2 or 3 band active preamp w/passive switch

Napoleon Deluxe 5 - Walnut/Padouk

Large choice of NECK WOOD… All options are on the table, Purpleheart, Walnut, Caramel or Chocolate Flamed Maple, Padouk or Quilt Maple…

The bass is a BOLT-ON neck construction. Four screws, each with a steel insert, no plates. Nice, solid, efficient and simple.

Tummy Contour

Every bass is built with a TUMMY CONTOUR for your playing comfort.

To shop ’til you bop or simply to check the detailed specs of all our basses, either available for sale or already sold, just visit our Webshop page, where you will find our “Wall of Bass”. You can clic on each and every bass and land on its detailed data sheet… Enjoy the ride.

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