Pricing Model



Here is a summary of our price system, options, as well as some information about shipping and customs.

All the options indicated in the chart hereunder cannot be added to the existing available for sale basses that you can find in our Shop section.

If you have the patience to wait between 1 to 3 months for a special order, we can always tailor a Cortex Napoleon Bass to your desires. Just send us an e-mail or call us anytime.

Of course, we always remain at your service to answer any additional questions you might have.

Napoleon Standard Passive Bass

Napoleon Standard 4


EUR  1’960.-

Napoleon Standard 5 - Electric Orange


EUR  2’025.-

Standard 6 Vichard Design - Arabian Nights


EUR  2’090.-


Cédric Vichard Special Design

EUR 1’500.-

Full Body – Pickups – Neck – Headstock Colour

EUR 540.-

Active Electronics 3 Band (Noll), incl. extra Battery Cavity

EUR 350.-

Active Electronics 3 Band (Glockenklang/Aguilar)

EUR 270.-

Active Electronics 2 Band (Glockenklang/Noll/Duvoisin)

EUR 220.-

Hardcase (Hiscox Peardrop)

EUR 130.-

Finger Ramp (Ebony)

EUR 110.-

Gold Hardware

EUR 50.-

Napoleon Deluxe Bass

Napoleon Deluxe 4 - Ash Top


EUR  2’600.-

Napoleon Deluxe 5 (Face) - Curly Redwood


EUR  2’700.-

Deluxe 6 - Apple


EUR  2’800.-


High Gloss Finish

EUR 540.-

Exceptional Quality Top

EUR 320.-


EUR 290.-

Epoxy Coating of Fret Board

EUR 280.-

Special Top (Buckeye Burl, Koa, Curly Redwood, Quilt Maple)

EUR 210.-

Spalted/Burl Top (Spalted Maple/Walnut, Poplar Burl)

EUR 190.-

Special Neckwood (Zebrano, Purpleheart, Padouk, Quilt Maple)

EUR 160.-

Special Fret Board (Maple or Beechwood), EXCEPT when coated with Epoxy (already included in the Epoxy coating)

EUR 150.-

Hardcase (Hiscox Peardrop)

EUR 130.-

Extra Battery Cavity (for Noll 3B Electronics)

EUR 120.-

Finger Ramp

EUR 110.-

Gold Hardware

EUR 50.-

Pure Passive Bass (Nordstrand/Aguilar)

EUR 40.-

  • All advertised prices exclude taxes and shipping costs outside of the European Union & Switzerland
  • One Gig-bag per bass is complimentary

About Taxes & Shipping

European Union

20% French VAT is added to your order during checkout. You pay no other import duties. Delivery is complimentary. Shipping is free, through an express mail service, and the value of your bass is insured until delivery.

Non-EU Europe

Our prices are net export, but you will have to pay the relevant VAT and custom duties upon delivery to your address. Delivery is complimentary for all European non-EU countries. The value of your bass is insured until delivery.


We ask all Japanese residents to order through our representative in Japan: Guitar Planet in Tokyo. They shall take care of import and inspection of the bass, and will offer you an impeccable customer service.

Rest of the World

You will be invoiced the amount of your order (net export price) and the relevant delivery charges. You are responsible for local sales and import duties. The value of your bass is insured until delivery. To arrange other shipment alternatives, just contact us.

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