6-Strings, High Gloss finish, Colour & Epoxy

6-Strings, High Gloss finish, Colour & Epoxy

Napoleon Deluxe 6 Fretless

On this Christmas bass batch, some new models and finishes by Cortex Bass:

  1. The Six-string is finally here, fretted or fretless, in two superb finishes (Apple exceptional top & Ash top red burst), with one more on the way… a surprise for the end of the year.
  2. High gloss finish is a new option now available, particularly fitting for colour bursts.
  3. Epoxy coating on the fret board is offered for fretless models.

There will be a few more surpises at the end of this year, but that will be yet another story.

Please do stay safe and do not hesitate to surf on our “Shop” where you can check out all our models in full detail.

Pierre Camilleri – 07.12.2020